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[Inspiration Board]: Gone Fishing Party

August 24, 2010

My son Parrish was the inspiration for this party and ever since we have moved here (Missouri), he can’t wait to go fishing with his daddy and Grandpa Bob.  I love the color combination of orange and blue and I even found fishing poles online to match.

Here are a few other ideas to go with a “gone fishing” themed party:

As a game kids can fish magnetic fish out of a pool. (Whomever catches the most fish, wins.)

Use fish netting to wrap the goodies for the goodie bags. (I credit this idea to my MIL.)

Give each child a fishing pole or tackle box as their party favor.

For a candy/dessert bar, use fish bowls instead of jars/stands.


Gone Fishing Party


Image credits starting from the left going clockwise:

Happy Birthday Banner: Kami Buchanan, Invitations: mollylee @ Etsy, Fish Favors: Project Nursery, Lollipops: Occasional Word, Jello Fish Bowl: Cute Everything, Cupcakes, Water Bottles and Candy Bar: Chickabug

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  1. August 24, 2010 1:45 am

    Thank you for mentioning me! The party sounds so fun!

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