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Printed Masking Tape

July 16, 2010


I know I am a little late on the printed masking tape bandwagon. But I was at Michael’s the other day, actually I am at Michael’s every other day lately, and I found printed masking tape in their dollar section.  I of course bought it because they looked so darn cute and I had an idea on how to use them.  No, I am not using them to pack boxes.


Don’t mind the dirty wall in the back. *blushing*

The tape on the roll is clear and all you see is the design.  When I saw the tape I immediately thought of favor packaging.  When I got home I looked through all my favor supplies (Yes, I do have a few boxes full of favor supplies.  That’s just how I roll.) and found boxes that would work perfectly for the tape.



Japanese Masking tape is really popular now and it is made out of washi paper.  There are a ton of different designs and sizes.  They can be used for so many things.

Here are a few sites for Japanese printed masking tape:

Tape Swell

Bake it Pretty

Felt Cafe on Etsy

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