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January 28, 2011

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StumbleUpon Sunday

January 24, 2011


Wipe Off Weekly Menu Board–  With this DIY Menu Board there will be no more “What’s for dinner?”.



80’s School Theme Wedding–  It’s seems as if “The 80’s” is the new theme party.  I, cannot complain since I was born in 1981.  Anyhow, this wedding is too cute!  Who knew cassette tapes were still being sold?!?  Speaking of cassette tapes, who remembers sitting by their radio all day waiting for the radio station to play your favorite song so you can hit record?



Ikea Vinyl–  Who in my generation does NOT own a piece of Ikea furniture?!?  This is such a great way to make your Ikea furniture unique.



Rotary Peeler–   A peeler that peels everything (even tomatoes), enough said!!


A Single Sheet of Paper–  It’s takes an EXTREMELY talented individual to take a piece of paper and meticulously cut it out to becomes works of art.

Edible Place Cards

January 17, 2011

Edible place cards not only let your guests know where they are sitting but it also doubles as favors.  Like I always say “Favors should be edible or useful”.  I just find it hard to spend money on favors that my guests can’t use. 

I came across some edible place cards that were too cute not to share.  They can be used for weddings, dinner parties and even birthday parties.



image credit



image credit



image credit



image credit



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StumbleUpon Sunday

January 17, 2011


image credit

Tree House–  This is any child’s dream bedroom.  Heck, I would love to have this bedroom!  I can hide up in the tree house and read.  Too bad I won’t be able to keep the kids away.



image credit

Floating Flowers–  One Word: GORGEOUS!!  I love the floating flowers!  The tablescape is elegant and clean.



image credit

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs–  I have yet to make these, but I think that they would make great a great snack or appetizer.  It would also make a great make-ahead snack to keep frozen and reheat.



image credit

Baking Pan Storage–  Such a great use of old baking pans.  They would also look fantastic in different colors.


image credit

Earring Display–  I need one of these!!  I love that it cost less than $10 to make and it is useful.  This would make a great gift for anyone who loves jewelry.

StumbleUpon Sunday

January 9, 2011


Desk Bookshelves–  Used desks were repurposed to be used as a bookshelves.  I love the idea!!




 Dance Shoes–  How cute are these?!?  Very cute, I must say!! 



record bowls

Record Bowls–   Just recently I told myself that I would start collecting bowls and platters for serving.  These bowls are going to have to be added to my collection someday.





Granny’s Baked Custard–  It’s not just the recipe that caught my attention when I stumbled upon this, it was the illustration.  All the recipes on the website are drawn for you and the artwork is so much fun to look at.


Confetti Crayons–  These would make great party favors for kids or even a fun craft to do with kids.  Such a great way to use old and leftover crayons.

StumbleUpon Sunday

January 2, 2011

I love discovering new websites and blogs!  StumbleUpon is one of the ways I find new sites.  I am on StumbleUpon at least 3 times a day to find new sites to follow. 

Since I am always finding great new ideas from StumbleUpon I thought that I would share it with you.  I have found sites on crafting, parties, photography and food and each week you will see at least five of my new discoveries.

Anthropologie Inspired Wedding– This wedding is not only beautiful but also unique.  A great DIY wedding with creative details!

Anthropologie Wedding

image credit: green wedding shoes 


Typographic Gift Wrap–  I wish I would have discovered this before Christmas.  It does give me an idea for any gift I give.  


image credit: man made diy


Nutella Snack and Drink–  Does anyone know where I can find this?  I would love to try this.  I love Nutella with a passion!!  


image credit: zadan


Hot Chocolate on a Stick–  This makes a wonderful gift!  It can also be given out as favors at a Winter Wedding or Party.


image credit: giver's log


Creative Kids Photography–  Photographer Jason Lee took pictures of his children and made the images into unique pictures. 


image credit: jason lee

Holiday Etsy-entials Wish List Week 3

December 16, 2010

I cannot tell you all enough how much I love Etsy!  I swear I always find the cutest things on that website.  If I was rich I would definitely be buying everything on my Holiday Etsy-entials Wish List. 

So without futher ado…..THIS WEEK’S ETSY WISH LIST:

etsy 2

Feather Wrapped Ring–  Personally, I have fat fingers so rings don’t look good on me.  I can’t help to admire this ring. 

When life hands you lemons–  When life hands me lemons I go and drink wine, but a gin and tonic will do.  Perfect print to hang in your kitchen or bar area.

Toasted Almond Caramel–  There are many things in life that I love and almonds and caramel are on that list.  When you put those two together that makes it irresistible to me.   


Nesting Rose Bowls–  I just adore how the bowls nested together form a rose.  It would be perfect to display on a shelf.  Perfect for any foodie in your life. 

Silhouette Necklace–  This is the new “Carrie” (Sex and the City) necklace.   I want to order a couple with my kid’s silhouettes.

Angel Wing Soap–  GORGEOUS!!!  It is just too pretty to use.  The details are impeccable.